Barbara Mergelsberg

Mezzo Dugazon


- Forgotten Art Songs - Trois Poèmes by Guilluame Lekeu by Barbara Mergelsberg (In NYSTA Newsletter 2011): VoicePrint Nov/Dec

- A Thousand 19th Century Belgian Art Songs - Journal of Singing, Vol 72 / No.2 (Nov/Dec 2015) pp. 147-160.

Forgotten Belgian Art Songs

Since Belgium’s independence from the Netherlands in 1830, vocal music has played an important role in the country’s cultural life. Belgium’s original art song repertoire is varied in style and language (including French, Flemish, German, and English) but rarely appears on concert programs. This can partially be explained by the fact that the vocal output of Belgium’s influential neighbors, France and Germany, has buried Belgian art songs into oblivion. 

It is time to revisit this neglected musical heritage. I hope that my personal research and commitment to Belgian art song will enthuse my peers about the smorgasbord of Belgian art songs waiting to be discovered. 

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